Salute a Veteran Banner Program

For more details and/or an application form please contact our 
President at 519-343-2004  or email

Walking or driving down Palmerston's Main Street seeing faces of 
those who served our country, might prompt residents and 
visitors to take  interest in and ask questions about our Veterans. 

It's in this way the project encapsulates the "Lest WE Forget"
theme of Remembrance Day, ensuring continued recognition
and respect throughout future generations.

14 Banners were purchased in 2016 and were installed on light
posts throughout the main street of Palmerston before 
November 11th. The Banners were then put on display in
Branch 409 until next year.
48 Banners are on display in 2021.
The intention behind the banners is to engage the community
in remembering local Veterans.

Orders are now being taken for Banners to go on display
next year.