2018 Pre-race Car Rally challenges

Your team MUST be registered before you are able to complete each task.
Team members don't need to get together for these challenges. 

COSTUME CONTEST - This is OPTIONAL. Deadline for photo submission is Thursday, April 26.
I want a photo of your team dressed as superheroes. Team members do not need to get together, you can submit 4 separate photos.
Photos will be posted on our Facebook page and the team with the most likes WINS a prize!!! So,
get all your friends to vote.

CHALLENGE 1 - PHOTOS. Deadline Thursday, April 26   
You can be as creative as you want
Your task is to take 5 photos from the following 8 choices.
Please email your completed photos to tammy@simpson-print.com or cdonaldson@wightman.ca.  1 point for each photo. MAX 5 points!!!
You can have anyone in the photos. If you choose a photo of a stranger, please get permission from person as photos will be used online.

  • ThrowBackThursday – As a child, did you dress up as a superhero trick or treating? Share a pic.
  • Periodic Table of Elements – Creatively represent one of the periodic elements. Include the name and symbol of your element in the photo.
  • Criss-Cross Streets – Find two street signs crossing that start with the same letter and take a photo. Might want to check a map…
  • Build a fort (at location of choice) and take photo with 2 team members in your magnificent fort.
  • Batman has a Bat Signal – Take a photo of what your superhero signal would be.
  • Creatively represent what you might see while looking through a telescope.
  • Your interpretation of “hand caught in the cookie jar”.
  • Coat of Arms – Get creative and make a “family crest” out of objects that represent your team name. Take a photo of it.

CHALLENGE 2 - VIDEOS. Deadline Wednesday, May 2   
Your task is to perform 2 videos from the following 4 choices.
Please email your video to tammy@simpson-print.com or cdonaldson@wightman.ca.
If the video is too large to email, let me know and we can find an alternate option.

  • 2 team members play “Fluffy Bunny” until you have a winner (mouths full of marshmallows).
  • 1 team member follow your pet (or any animal) around for 30 seconds and mimic what they are doing.
  • You are a villian - 1 team member create a prank on someone and videotape it.
  • You are a superhero - 1 team member must rescue a damsel in distress with your super power of choice.