The Royal Canadian Legion is a non-profit organization whose purposes and objectives include: providing support to veterans, ex-service members and their families; perpetuating the tradition of Remembrance; and participating in programs designed to improve Canadians general quality of life.

The RCL supports the elderly and youth in our communities by:

  • helping Veterans who fought for the Freedom of all Canadians
  • supporting Veteran's hospitals
  • collecting pop tabs to purchase wheelchairs
  • supporting the Child Video Program
  • supporting the Ontario Bursary Program for students attending College/University
  • supporting the Youth and Education Programs for public and high school students (poem, poster, essay and public speaking yearly competitions)

The Royal Canadian Legion in Palmerston was formed in 1946 and our Ladies' Auxiliary was formed in 1948. After buying the land on Daly Street in 1951, the present building was built. Many changes have taken place over the years with the help of volunteer labour.

The Legion is a big part of our Community. We have supported Guiding, Scouting, Norwell Cadet Corp, Broomball, Pee Wee Hockey, Public School Trips, Palmerston Public Pool and Palmerston and District Hospital. Through Nevada sales, we are able to give donations to many charities in our Community.

We host many fundraising activities for the public to come and enjoy. Past events include:

  • Monthly Dinners
  • Indoor Mini Golf Tournament in February
  • Car Rally in May
  • Golf Tournament
  • Karaoke
  • Dances

The Poppy Campaign helps improve life for people in our Community by: providing assistance to needy ex-service members and their families; by purchasing medical equipment and appliances for Community Health Facilities and by providing support services to Senior Citizens.

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