Pre Car Rally challenges

There are 3 different challenges that teams can complete prior to the car rally for BONUS points.
Your team MUST be registered before you are able to complete each task.
Team members don't need to get together for these challenges. 

CHALLENGE 1 - Deadline April 22  

Easter Egg Hunt - Find all the hidden easter eggs throughout (all pages on the Palmerston Legion website count).
When you think you have found them all, email or your final answer. 
4 points for submitting answer and 1 point for correct answer. (5 points total).


CHALLENGE 2 - Deadline April 26  
Photo Scavenger Hunt - You can be as creative as you want
Your task is to take 5 photos from the following 10 choices. Please email your completed photos to or  1 point for each photo. MAX 5 points!!!
You can have anyone in the photos. If you choose a photo of a stranger, please get permission from person as photos will be used online.
Photo list -

  • Person walking a cat on a leash 
  • That's not a great place to have a bath 
  • A photo showing eight hands and only 13 fingers 
  • Person getting a pie in the face 
  • A photo of a person wearing a shirt with a year before 2010 listed on it 
  • Person riding their bike through the drive-thru 
  • 2 team members with a mannequin 
  • An image in the clouds (please describe what the image is in email)
  • A multi-coloured photo 
  • Carve a jack-o-lantern out of a fruit or vegetable that is NOT a pumpkin

CHALLENGE 3 - Deadline April 30  
3 tasks to choose from - Each task has a different point amount (the harder the task, the more points).
This is simple - I am letting you pick which task to do. Only choose one.
Please email your photo to or

  • Task 1 - The Funnies - Recreate a comic strip panel image with your team members. Must include the original comic strip in a photo.  You can use multiple photos to achieve this. 8 POINTS 
  • Task 2 - Toon Town - Creatively bring a well known cartoon to life in a photo. Include cartoon name in photo. You can use as many people and/or objects as you need. 5 POINTS 
  • Task 3 - T-shirt makeover - Grab an old t-shirt and repurpose it! Be creative. 2 POINTS